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406 Garage Bend, Oregon International Harvester Parts America

About Ben Palmer

I grew up in Portland Oregon, my grandparents used to have a 1971 International Harvester Travelall and we would go camping every summer to Central Oregon with our car top boat and our little 21-foot Shasta trailer. I spent my entire childhood in the back of that Travelall and loved it so much. My grandparents passed away in my teenage years and we sold the Travelall and camper set up as a teenager obviously I didn't care about it then but wished I had it back now.


I then went on to the University of Oregon and graduated there with a science degree. I went into the automotive business in my teenage years working at dealerships and throughout college as an independent auto dealer buying and selling cars out of my apartment to pay for my college education. Then when I finished college I went to work in corporate America in the automotive industry. I've held various jobs in the automotive industry for the last three decades. I have worked for all three of the big three at one point in time. I ended my career with corporate America in 2018 and decided to start 406 Garage.


I have always bought and sold old trucks and SUVs out of my shop and tinkered as a hobby. I specifically have always loved International Harvesters and had lots of Scouts and Travelalls over the years. I decided I wanted to spend more time with my kids and my family and working from home in my shop it would allow me to do that. I've been very fortunate and blessed and had some amazing customers over the last couple of years and we continue to grow each year and I'm very thankful for each and every one of them. You know the old saying goes "if you love what you do and you do what you love it doesn't feel like a day at work ever". I believe I live that life every day and I'm very blessed to do so.

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First International growing up Bend, Oregon 406 Garage
Ben Palmer 406 Gargae Bend, Oregon
406 Garage Bend, Oregon International Scout with Boys
406 Garage Bend, Oregon International Scout
406 Garage Bend, Oregon International Harvester
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