About 406 Garage

Ben Palmer has had a passion for cars since he was a boy. Specifically classics from the early 1970s that bring back memories of fun adventures. Ben has taken that passion and his deep knowledge of the car industry and turned it into a thriving business. One of the things he loves most about the business is the stories that go along with every vehicle and piece of automobilia.

I get asked all the time, why do you love international trucks so much? Do you ever get a feeling in your love of a great memory from your childhood? That one trip, that one vacation, that one time you did something great?
I have looked through dozens of photo albums and boxes of pictures over the years and I finally found it.

This picture was taken Aug of 1972 at Yellowstone National Park. My grandpa bought it brand new, 1971 international Travelall harvest gold, deluxe, auto, ac, ps, pb and wood grain. Many people ask why international, this is why. My entire childhood was spent in that truck camping and fishing the Cascade lakes of Central Oregon, that's why. Now the goal is to find it and hope it's still in one piece so I can restore it and drive the wheels off it. Thanks for following along on my journey, I greatly appreciate all of you. 

- Ben Palmer/ Owner

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