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406 Garage Bend Oregon International Trucks Scouts Travelall

1964 International 1500 cab chassis former search and rescue truck

1964 International 1500 former sheriff search and rescue service truck! 😎

Very complete and rare truck , has small rust in dash cowl and lower fenders , original sheriff's search and rescue decals still on truck! Motor is free and turns over , steering is good ,brakes work . Great start to a hot rod hauler !👍

$2500 with good title.

Can ship anywhere in the USA

  • International Light Line pickup

    The pickups continued to undergo a continuous stream of minor modifications to the grilles and headlight fitment. For model years 1963 and 1964, the renamed range (C-900 to C-1500) received single headlights. For 1965 the name became the D series, followed by the 900A-1500A in 1966, 900B-1500B for the next year, and the last year (1968) which was unsurprisingly called 900C-1500C, depending on weight rating. New for 1968 was the option of AMC’s 232 cubic inch inline-six engine, rather than International’s own BG-series six.[7] The Travelall was considered a version of the light-duty pickup range, rather than a separate model, until major changes to the bodywork took place in 1969 for the 1970 model year. While completely different in appearance, now looking very similar to the Scout, the resulting D series continued this naming convention until the 1971 Light Line pickups were introduced.

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