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1974 International Harvester 500 flatbed 1.5 ton truck

1974 International Harvester 500 flatbed 1.5 ton Knapheide flatbed

1974 International Harvester 500 flatbed 1.5 ton truck.  Knapheide bed with hideaway gooseneck hitch in bed. 11ft flatbed, pintle hitch, regular hitch and trailer brakes for all of them.  It has a 392 V8 engine, 4 speed transmission, 2 speed rear end, power steering, power brakes ,  3 factory gas tanks, 20' wheels and near new tires all the way around... Very dry high desert truck. runs and drives very well.  It has alittle rust in front floor pans and above windshield.  we can fix this before delivery for additional fees if you wish.   If you want to put this truck to work on your ranch, give us a call!

  • 1974 International Harvester 500 flatbed

    Sold as the 1000 through 1500 D-series, the Light Line pickup was originally offered with four of International Harvester's own V8s, with displacements of 266, 304, 345 or 392 cubic inches. AMC's 232 ci inline-six engine had also been available, since the 1968 C-Series. Several different wheelbases (115, 119, 131, 132, 149, 156, or 164 inches) were also offered. The 119 inch version (as used for the Travelall) was only available as a bare chassis. In addition to the regular cab pickup, station wagon "Travelall" bodywork was also available, as was a four-door panel van version of the wagon and a four-door pickup called the "Travelette" (only on the 149 or 164 inch wheelbase).  The standard transmission was a three-speed manual with a column shift, but there were also four- and five-speed manuals and a three-speed automatics, with floor-mounted shifters optional. The automatic transmission was not available in heavier duty models such as the 1300D and the rare 1500D. Several models were also available as a cab on a bare frame for construction of stake-bed or other applications, some with an optional dual-wheel rear end, with available load ratings up to seven tons. These larger models were not popular, with most buyers opting instead for the Loadstar models.

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