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406 Garage Bend Oregon International Trucks Scouts Travelall

1975 International Harvester 100 Deluxe Factory 2wd

1975 International Harvester 100 - ps, pb, auto, no motor or trans, very clean rust free original patina paint truck

  • International Light Line pickup

    For 1974 the naming changed yet again: the trucks were now called 100, 150, 200, or 500 depending on the weight rating. External changes were minimal, consisting mainly of a new five-bar metal grille without the vertical dividers, nicknamed the "electric razor grille".The two wheel drive chassis received a revised double wishbone independent front suspension and disc brakes replacing the previous torsion bar front end. The engine and transmission was also repositioned lower and further behind the front axle centerline (in preparation for the new MV-series gas and diesel V8 engines that never actually made it into series production). The heavy duty one-ton 500 was only available as a single-cab chassis, and the ¾ ton 150 was only available with IHC's own line of V8 engines.

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